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Date : Every Tuesday night from 8.30pm (free entry)

Place : The Brunswick

The jam session at the Brunswick was set up by guitarist Paul Richards some two years ago. Paul is an excellent guitarist, capable of playing many different styles of music; Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, a real talent on the music scene. The Brunswick Jam has gone from strength to strength.  It is THE place to be on a Tuesday night, it is free entry and provides jazz of the highest level. Guest musicians include Brighton's finest local talent and big names from further afield. Each Tuesday is different and you never know who might be there. Musicians such as Joe Hunter, Heather Cairncross, Terry Pack, George Trebar, Robert Heasman Loz Thomas, Jim Whyte and even yours truly are often seen and heard. It also serves as fertile ground for BJS students who are encouraged to get up and play every week. The jam, despite its very high standards, is very very welcoming and Paul Richards supports the BJS ethos that you have to learn by 'doing'. The audiences too are also very supportive. It is an excellent night out with a great atmosphere and of course, great music!

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