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-Don Walker

"Wayne's easy, laid-back manner made this course a real treat. There was plenty of useful experience to be found in the echoing rooms of the Brunswick with other players of a comparable level and overall the atmosphere was matey, cheering and encouraging. The technical stuff is there if you want it, but Wayne's depth of knowledge doesn't hamper his joy in passing on the love of jazz."

"Seven solid, full on hours for just twenty five quid a week, I have to admit that the price of this course was the first attraction. The way the course is structured and run has to be the other major attraction. Wayne keeps his students away from books and the theory as far as possible, emphasising instead the practical side of the music. There is loads of group playing and instruction from beginning to end. When the teaching day ends and if you still have the energy you can stay on for the Brunswick Jam in the evening. That’s free too!"

"This course has been invaluable for me in making the jump from playing alone to playing in a group. It has provided a great opportunity to meet and play with local musicians and I even gained the confidence to get up on stage and play at the Brunswick Tuesday night Jam session.  Wayne McConnell is a fantastic jazz pianist and his passion for this art form is infectious."

-Andy McQueen

 "I was deafened by the sound of pennies dropping in my head!  I'd studied quite a lot of theory before this course but didn't really know how best to use it.  The structure of the course and Waynes excellent communication has provided a firm context and plan in which to put some of that theory into practice and, hopefully, even turn it into music.  Thanks, Wayne.  I look forward to working with you some more."

-Charlotte White

"Wayne is a great jazz pianist, who's really enthusiastic about playing it, and encouraging others to do the same.  Each week we've been introduced to new theoretical concepts, which we can choose to apply as much or as little depending on our existing knowledge and experience.  We've learnt lots of new tunes, played with other musicians, and it's also given me the confidence to get up and play at the jam session in the evening, which I was always too shy to do before!"

-Mike Carey

“A very worthwhile course, informal and relaxed in delivery but everyone very focused on wanting to learn and move on from whatever level they were currently at. Over the course of the 10 weeks Wayne laid out the key elements and technical challenges of jazz as a discipline, but always with the emphasis on the practical side, on listening and absorbing, and gradually developing our own capacity for expressing our individual creativity. Recommended - will set you on the right road.”