Every year BJS runs a Jazz Summer School.  It is open to all ages and provides a fun-stimulating environment to further your growth as a Jazz Musician.  We welcome 'Jazz Newbies', and encourage younger musicians as well as more 'seasoned' musicians to attend.  It really is a fun, music packed three days.

Summer School 2011 Testimonials

- amandapanda 2011.7.15 18:22

I loved the summer school! As a complete novice, I had no idea what to expect and was quite scared. Luckily everybody was really friendly, supportive, encouraging – and patient. I learnt so much, had lots of fun and didn’t want the weekend to end. Can’t wait ‘til September!

- Isaac 2011.7.14 17:52

The summer school was great. For me it was the perfect balance between theory/discussion and playing. I came out of the weekend on a real high and I look forward to the next BJS event.

- grade3 2011.7.14 15:16

Wow that was a roller coaster week end, packed with good and nourishing stuff! Unfortunately it can only be a tantalising  introduction to the subject. Three days is just enough time to get hooked! Thank goodness there is a full three term course starting in September, can't wait!

Next summer school is: 22nd - 24th of July 2016