Session Videos 


Here you will find ALL of the online material for your course.  Simply click on the session page below to be re-directed to the relevant session page to find your videos, pdfs and worksheets conveniently in one place.  It is recommended that you watch the videos before attending the classroom session.  This will ensure you get the most out of the classroom session.  It also allows the tutor to spend more time on the practical application of the core subject.

Term 1

Session 1 - The Essentials of Jazz Improvisation

Session 2 - Turning Theory into Sound

Session 3 - The II-V-I Progression

Session 4 -Understanding the Jazz Blues 

Session 5 - Upper Chord Extensions 

Session 6 - Rhythmic Concepts in Jazz

Session 7 - The Importance of Transcribing 

Session 8 - The Melodic Language of Bebop 

Session 9 - Tritone Substitution 

Session 10 - The Importance of Ear Training