Rhythm Section and Comping Workshop 


This two day (evening) workshop is aimed at rhythm section players (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums).  We will focus on the art of 'Comping' and how to find the 'pocket'.  We'll also be exploring different comping rhythmic approaches, thinking textually as well as specific voicings that translate over to guitar from piano.  We will be using familiar jazz forms such as the Blues and some 'entry-level' standards to concentrate on the 'comping' aspects.  The workshop will be very practical and will interlace audio examples of classical examples of the highest caliber of rhythm section comping in a variety of settings.  We will then emulate each setting.  

The course will run from 7pm-10pm at the Vicarage, 133, Ditchling Road, Brighton on the Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th of March.  

Cost: £99 pp