We view the podcast as something of a historical document.  By talking to the legends of this music, we find out that the history books don't always tell the full story.  The podcast is more than just an interview though.  We feature the guest artists' music and talk about the mechanics of the music (in technical as well as non-technical detail).  We also have a dedicated section for our students called 'Passing Notes'.  Here you will be able to get hints and tips about jazz improvisation with subject matter often reflecting what we are covering in the courses. Some recent interviews include: Pianist Ahmad Jamal, Bassist Ron Carter, Vocalist Kurt Elling and Vibraphonist Gary Burton.  As well as featuring world-famous musicians we all feature local musicians.  We are very proud of the local scene here in Brighton and the quality of musicians here is astounding.  You can see world class jazz almost any night of the week.  

The podcast aims to connect jazz lovers locally and globally while providing the opportunity to promote local players and venues to a global audience.  Finally, Brighton is getting the recognition it deserves as being an important centre for Jazz in the UK.  To listen, either subscribe to us on iTunes by clicking on the iTunes image below or visit out podcast episode pages here.

The podcast is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to celebrating jazz and the wonderful people behind it.  Please help support us by making a small donation.  It really helps with the running costs of what we do and allows us to capture these great moments in time.  Many thanks...So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!  

Podcast Presenter : Wayne McConnell  

Edited and Produced by Mike Guest.