Term 2 - 2018 

Material to work on in the practice room

1. Work on Deep Hearing Exercise/Meditation
Click link here
2. Play different notes on Practice Drone on C major Meditation
Click link here
3. Learn Tune of Oleo
4. Know chords
5. Play through 3rds and 7ths
6. Sing and play the Miles Davis solo on Oleo from Bags Groove
7. Learn Jeff Schneider Rhythm Changes line
Click this link
8. Make-up your own melodies..
9. Create be-bop line in straight eighths, continuous swing quavers
10. Learn other rhythm changes heads
11. Learn melody of Sonny Rollins “No Moe’
12. Learn and clap the rhythm of Charlie Parker’s “Moose The Mooch”
13. Learn the two bridge patterns from Anthropology outlined in the class.
14. Sing or play some of the Miles Davis solo in  Oleo for next session.
15 Learn the chords for the jazz blues
16 Learn the melody of Billie's Bounce.
17 Rhythm Changes Bridge [Pattern 1 slow]

18 Rhythm Changes Bridge [Pattern 1 & 2]