Jazz Repertoire Course 

This course teaches you how to learn standards.  Not only learn them but the best way to think about them so that you can play over them with ease.  Gone are the times when Jazz Musicians needed to learn tunes very quickly and sometimes on the bandstand.  The next generation of musicians seem to have lost the skill to pick up tunes quickly.  This course aims to teach you how to memorise tunes in a way that will encourage greater improvisational prowess and the ability to transpose into any key. Many of the great players often spend considerable time learning one tune.   If you follow the steps in the course, I guarantee you will retain them forever! There are different methods of learning a song depending on what kind of song it is.  I learn Standards in a different way to Bebop Heads and I learn Bebop Heads in a different way to more advanced jazz compositions like Dolphin Dance.  There are no shortcuts in learning tunes but your ability to learn will get quicker if you practice this method on a regular basis. You'll be ready to knock-em dead at jam sessions in no time! 

When : Wednesday Evenings from 7.30pm-10pm for Six Weeks.  The first session starting on 6th of July and the last on the 10th of August.  
How Much: £99 per person. 
Where:  The Vicarage, 133 Ditchling road, Brighton.