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Wayne takes on around 4 or 5 students to study Jazz Piano with him at his home in Littlehampton.  He covers all levels from beginner improvisers to advanced.  He no longer teaches classical piano.  Lessons are tailored to each student focusing on weaker areas and developing a creative practice ethic. As a perpetual student of Jazz Piano, Wayne is able to use Jazz Piano history to highlight key concepts in the art form such as: Stylistic Voicings from different periods, Different improvisational approaches (from Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell and Errol Garner to McCoy Tyner, Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. Learn how to play in all 12 keys, read complex chord symbols and unlock your creative flow.

Cost per lesson is £40, 5 lessons for £190 or 10 lessons for £300. Block booked lessons offer flexibility in the usage of lessons to benefit the student and to allow the teacher some flexibility. Pre-booked sessions do not have to be used in subsequent weeks and there is no time limit on when you need to use them although most students complete them within a year. Once the first lesson has been negotiated and the payment as been made, we cannot offer refunds for absences or for student discontinuation.  Lessons are technically 1 hour but are usually more so please allow 1.5 hours for lessons.


Wayne also offers Skype lessons for students who live further afield. He has students in the USA, mainland Europe and Japan.

'It is amazing how well Skype works, it literally connects me to so many people of different backgrounds, and unites us through the piano. It really is a wonderful way to learn'. -Wayne

Lessons usually last 1.5 hours (including setup time). It is important that the student has a good connection.

Cost per Skype Lesson is: £35 or $48 US.  Payment by Paypal available below:

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UK Pound £35.00 GBP