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The problem with Jazz Education is that it usually focuses on the wrong things.  Too much emphasis is put either on the reading of the notes or on the theory of improvisation.  These two things are easily teachable, and that is why they get focused on, it is as simple as that.

What we do at Brighton Jazz School is help you to engage in the hard bit, the actual process of improvisation.  There is little point theorizing something that ultimately requires you to be acting on intuition and relishing being in the moment.  The most important aspect of jazz improvisation is being a good listener.  You cannot theorize listening.  You must practise it.  Jazz cannot be a classroom experience, we turn the classroom into the bandstand.  We get you up there ‘doing the process’, that is the only way to learn this music.  Using theoretical concepts as a means to improvise is like speaking but concentrating on the grammar.  The reality is, grammar has very little to do with how we speak.  We break the ‘rules’ all the time to get our point across.  We use slang, we shout, we whisper, we change the pitches and accents of our voice and the phrase means something completely different.  It is exactly the same with jazz improvisation.  You learn by doing and then your points of reference are the great improvisers that you hear on your favourite records.  Your understanding of the history and evolution of the music is MUCH more important than the understanding of a ‘Dorian’ scale.  

So, if you’d like to learn how to play jazz, the authentic way while carrying on this important tradition, get in touch.  We are a very unique school, offering unique opportunities to learn Jazz in the way it is supposed to be learnt!  

We offer courses in Jazz Improvisation, Master-classes and a whole community to enrich your life with music!  It has never been easier with a huge support network such as Brighton Jazz School.  We welcome all instruments, ages and levels. Have a look around to see what we offer but for now, here just a few of the benefits:

  • Intensive, First Class Tuition

  • Extensive Online Video Tutorials of Core Subjects

  • PDF Worksheets for each Subject Area

  • Weekly Gig Opportunity

  • World Class Master-classes and Workshops

  • Professional Gigging Engagements (Festivals, Events and other opportunities).

  • Dedicated Practice Rooms

  • Stage Area with Full PA

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